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January 2015


Many thanks to everybody who participated and I hope you had a good time. Special thanks to our volunteers, Stephen, Hui, Marta, Magda, Tony, and anybody who helped with the equipment setup and hall clean-up. If you can help at the next event, please get in touch! 

Upcoming events:


Division 1

1. Alan Pattison (Dundrum TTC)
2. Elsa Qiao (Dundrum TTC)
3. Enoch Oppong (Balgriffin TTC) & William Hou (Club Donic)

Division 2

1. Ciaran O'Neill (Terenure CYM)
2. Darragh Eastwood (Salesian's TTC)
3. Roman Strelcuks (Club Donic) & Liam O'Flanagan

Division 3

1. Adam Quinn
2. Ciaran O'Reilly (Dundrum TTC)
3. Oscar Canavan (York Road) & Darragh Riordan (The Mill TTC)

Division 4

1. Aidan O'Flanagan 
2. Robert Quinn
3. Pep Carles (Club Donic) & Aine Carles (Club Donic)

Full results from groups, divisions and finals will be published soon.