Summer League

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Players will be grouped in 4 divisions based on level of play / Leinster League division, and play against everyone from the division, so everyone should get a lot of close matches in their group  - all levels are welcome, including beginners & casual players. 


Five Wednesdays in May/June 2018:
  • 30/05 - division matches
  • 06/06 - division matches
  • 13/06 - division matches
  • 20/06 - division matches
  • 27/06 - finals for top 8 players from each division

Time allocated for matches: 19:30-22:15, but please don't start new matches after 22:00. Any matches in progress will be stopped at 22:15. Please help with the hall cleanup after the finish!

There is no obligation to play all nights - you can skip some, and just play as many matches as you want on other nights, but to qualify into the top 8 and play in the finals, you need enough matches played, as well as points won. 




  • This is an open mixed singles tournament, limited to 80 players and online registration is obligatory to secure a place.
  • Plastic 40+ balls will be used
  • Players will be grouped in divisions according to their level.
  • All matches are best of 5 games. First place final in each division - best of 7 games.
  • ITTF and ITTA tournament rules apply. See ITTF Regulations for details.
  • Full results and some photos / videos will be published during and after the event.
  • When a match is finished please leave the ball on the table.
  • Registering for the event means that you accept those rules.
Tournament rounds
  1. First 4 weeks - round-robin division matches. Maximum 20 players per division. Matches order will be predetermined to avoid scramble for tables and giving everybody a fair access. 
  2. 5th week - knock-out for top 8 players in each division (based on a number of won and played matches, with direct match as tie-break). Seeding based on % of points won. Spectators are welcome.


  • adults: €25
  • annual members: €20 
  • juniors (u18): €20 - only under parent / guardian supervision
  • entry + summer membership (June - August): : €90
Cash payment on the first day


will be published live in few days


will be published after the first day


Single elimination. Qualified players are seeded according to the percentage of points won in a group stage (%pts) with direct match as a tie-breaker.
Players that lose their match in earlier stages are expected to umpire one of the subsequent matches.

Finals Provisional Schedule

19:30 - hall setup & warm-up
19:55 - group photo
20:00 - 1/4 matches (1 & 2)
20:30 - 1/4 matches (3 & 4)
21:00 - semifinal matches (1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3)
21:30 - final matches
22:00 - prize giving
22:15 - hall clean-up


Roman Pszonka
mobile: +353 85 7886910