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We organise regular quality tournaments with levels ranging from club players and lower league divisions to top Irish players - a great opportunity to play many games against a variety of opponents, and also a chance to win some nice prizes in each division.

  • Sandwiches, snacks, hot & cold drinks at the catering stand

  • equipment stand, and if you need anything specific please order online up to Sunday before the tournament at, and collect during the tournament (only DONIC / Nittaku / Newgy products!)

    • All players will be entered into a raffle, and have a chance to win extra prizes.

    • Professional quality photos from the event.

All levels are welcome. If you're interested to participate, please see details below and register using the online form

GrandPrix 2019/20 results

Upcoming events

  • ??/??/2020 - POSTPONED

  • ??/??/2020 (Superfinal - PingZone Cup 2020) TBC


Sunday, ??/??/2020. Hall available from 11:30

Check-in: 11:30-11:45. Important: If you're not in by 11:45, your name will be scratched! Please send a text if you're running late.

Provisional schedule

12:00-14:00: 1st round

14:15-16:15: 2nd round

16:30-18:30: finals

18:45-19:00: raffle draw & prize giving


See a map and access details.

Event Prizes

Division A - guaranteed cash prizes for top 3 players & medals

    1. €200

    2. €120

    3. €80

Other divisions - table tennis equipment prizes for division winners, sponsored by PingZone - Table Tennis Equipment

GrandPrix Prizes

    1. €1000

    2. €600

    3. €400

    4. €200

    5. €100

Your top 4 results will be counted. Double points at the PingZone Superfinal in June. Additional prizes for participation and results, also in lower divisions!

Current cycle standings and points system at GrandPrix 2019/20 points

Entry fee

€15 for non-members

20% off for members

Cash payment on the day.



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    • This is an open mixed singles tournament, limited to 48 players, and online registration is required to secure your place.

    • Nittaku Premium 40+ *** balls will be used.

    • All matches are best of 5 games.

    • All players are required to umpire matches as indicated on the result forms, or when asked in the final round.

    • ITTF and ITTA rules apply. See ITTF Regulations for details.

    • No coaching between points. No loud shouting during the match.

    • If you've registered and cannot play, please notify us as soon as possible to remove you from the list so the reserve player can take your place, otherwise you will be excluded from participating in future tournaments. No refunds will be provided if you withdraw from the event.

    • List of registered and reserve players might be published before the event.

    • Full results and some photos / match videos will be published after the event. If you don't want this, don't participate!

    • Registering for the event means that you accept those rules. If you're not happy with our rules, don't participate!

    • No purchase necessary for the raffle. Please submit your details at Contact Us page, and collect your ticket during tournament check-in.

Tournament rounds

    1. Group matches, round-robin. The tournament will start with groups of 4 players playing each other, provisionally seeded by current ITTA ranking / Leinster League division. Top 2 players from each group will play in division A, bottom 2 will play in division B in next round.

    2. Group matches. groups of 4 players, round-robin, separately for each division. Top 2 players from each group will play in Div A1 & B1 final. Bottom 2 players will play in Div A2 & Div B2 final.

    3. Final - single elimination, separately for each divisions.

Results archive

GrandPrix 2016/17

GrandPrix 2017/18

    • will be updated soon

GrandPrix 2018/19


Roman Pszonka


mobile: +353 85 7886910