October 2014


Great turn-out again and hope everybody had a good time. Special thanks to anybody who helped with umpiring, equipment setup and clean-up.

Next tournament on 28/12.


Division A1

    1. Vladislavs Agurjanovs (Club Donic)

    2. Marcus McDonnell (Dundrum)

    3. Conor Mullally (Club Donic)

    4. Maciek Szymanski

Division A2

    1. Jack O'Meara (Balgriffin)

    2. Renuka Sitram (RCSI)

Division B1

    1. Scott Jestin (Mountrath)

    2. Norman Thompson (ESB Sportsco)

Division B2

    1. Cecilia Armelin (Monkstown)

    2. Fahad Alabdullatif (RCSI)

See detailed results from group and KO stages attached below.


Semi-final: Vladislavs Agurjanovs vs. Conor Mullally

Final: Vladislavs Agurjanovs vs. Marcus McDonnell


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