May 2015


Hope everybody had a great time at our last tournament of the season. Special thanks to anybody who helped with umpiring, equipment setup and clean-up.

Next one is Summer League, starting on 01/06/2015.


Division A1

  1. Rita Kacsandi

    1. Marta Zareba

    2. Teresa Devaney

    3. Juanba Aranda

Division A2

  1. Paul Redden

    1. Tony Dunne

Division B1

  1. Pierre Bouhey

    1. Kevin Reynolds

Division B2

  1. Laurentiu Ciobanica

    1. Marek Wachala

You can find more detailed results from group and KO stages in the PDF file below.


Semi final: Rita Kacsandi (Terenure) vs. Juanba Aranda (Dundrum)

Final: Rita Kacsandi (Terenure) vs. Marta Zareba (Dundrum)