February 2020


Hope everybody had a great time at our tournament. Special thanks to anybody who helped with umpiring, equipment setup and clean-up.


Division A1

  1. Michal Korycki

  2. Mia O'Rahilly Egan

  3. Tibor Pofok

  4. Jan Stippich

Division A2

  1. Gellert Moravcsik

  2. Marcin Lewandowski

Division B1

  1. Oleg Goldshtein

  2. Aurel Hada

Division B2

  1. Ruth Goodhead

  2. Avjn Samant

You can find more detailed results from group and KO stages in the PDF file below.


Semi-Final: Mia O'Rahilly Egan vs. Tibor Pofok

Final: Michal Korycki vs. Mia O'Rahilly Egan


Please see our Facebook gallery for photos (coming soon)