Summer League


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Players will be grouped in 4 divisions based on level of play / Leinster League division, and play against everyone from the division, so everyone should get a lot of close matches in their group - all levels are welcome, including beginners & casual players.


Five Wednesdays in May/June 2018:

  • 30/05 - division matches

  • 06/06 - division matches

  • 13/06 - division matches

  • 20/06 - division matches

  • 27/06 - finals for top 8 players from each division

Time allocated for matches: 19:30-22:15, but please don't start new matches after 22:00. Any matches in progress will be stopped at 22:15. Please help with the hall cleanup after the finish!

There is no obligation to play all nights - you can skip some, and just play as many matches as you want on other nights, but to qualify into the top 8 and play in the finals, you need enough matches played, as well as points won.


St Benildus College



    • This is an open mixed singles tournament, limited to 80 players and online registration is obligatory to secure a place.

    • Plastic 40+ balls will be used

    • Players will be grouped in divisions according to their level.

    • All matches are best of 5 games. First place final in each division - best of 7 games.

    • ITTF and ITTA tournament rules apply. See ITTF Regulations for details.

    • Full results and some photos / videos will be published during and after the event.

    • When a match is finished please leave the ball on the table.

  • Registering for the event means that you accept those rules.

Tournament rounds

    1. First 4 weeks - round-robin division matches. Maximum 20 players per division. Matches order will be predetermined to avoid scramble for tables and giving everybody a fair access.

    2. 5th week - knock-out for top 8 players in each division (based on a number of won and played matches, with direct match as tie-break). Seeding based on % of points won. Spectators are welcome.


    • adults: €25

    • annual members: €20

    • juniors (u18): €20 - only under parent / guardian supervision

    • entry + summer membership (June - August): : €90

Cash payment on the first day

Tournament cancelled due to low entries




Single elimination. Qualified players are seeded according to the percentage of points won in a group stage (%pts) with direct match as a tie-breaker.

Players that lose their match in earlier stages are expected to umpire one of the subsequent matches.

Finals Provisional Schedule

19:30 - hall setup & warm-up

19:55 - group photo

20:00 - 1/4 matches (1 & 2)

20:30 - 1/4 matches (3 & 4)

21:00 - semifinal matches (1 vs. 4, 2 vs. 3)

21:30 - final matches

22:00 - prize giving

22:15 - hall clean-up


Roman Pszonka


mobile: +353 85 7886910